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  • 10 Things a Front End Developer Should Know in Terminal

    10 Things a Front End Developer Should Know in Terminal

    Many front end developers shy away from the command line preferring GUI alternatives however it's now a common requirement in the workplace, here are 10 things every front end developer should know in terminal.

  • Higher Order Functions

    Higher Order Functions

    A post that tries to help demystify how higher order functions work by looking at ones you probably already use.

  • AdSense in Jekyll

    AdSense in Jekyll

    How to add Google AdSense to your Jekyll site the right way.

  • React Portals

    React Portals

    Today I look at the new React portals feature that allows you to render modals outside of the parent component.

  • iOS Inspector Troubleshoot

    iOS Inspector Troubleshoot

    Having problems with your iOS device disconnecting when your trying to inspect with Safari? in this post we list what could be the cause and how to fix it.

  • Styling Input Range

    Styling Input Range

    HTML5 input range fields are great but they looks different in every browser, in this post we style them to be uniform across browsers.